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What is the most popular Filipino girl name?

What is the most popular Filipino girl name?

Filipino Girl Names :

  • Dalisay: The moniker Dalisay has a happy and whimsical feel to it, probably because of its association with the English name Daisy.
  • Analyn: The moniker Analyn is a combination of English names ‘Anna’ and ‘Lyn’.
  • Darna:
  • Rosamie:
  • Jasmine:
  • Blessica:
  • Mahalia:
  • Philippine:

What is Philippines female names?

Common Philippine female names

  • Christina – A follower of Christ.
  • Divina – Devine grace.
  • Evangeline – Bearer of good news.
  • Nieves – Snow.
  • Perlita – Pearl.
  • Blessica – To confer blessing upon.
  • Mahalia – The Filipino version of Hebrew Mahala, means tenderness.
  • Carmelita – The garden of Eden.

What are pretty girl names that start with M?

Top 100 baby girl names that start with M

Madison Maya
Madelyn Madeline
Maria Melanie
Mackenzie Melody
Mary Margaret

Are there any girl names in the Philippines?

From unique to Biblical, here is a list of Filipino baby girl names (with corresponding meanings) that we think will be a hit for 2019: Adah – a unique baby girl name from the bible. It means “an assembly” in Hebrew.

What are some baby names that start with the letter M?

Filipino Baby Names Starting With The Letter M… Tagalog names are considered old-fashioned by Filipinos… Mutya, Mulan, Malaya, Mahal… Mervin, Makisig

What are some good names for baby girls?

Edna – a biblical name that means ‘pleasure or delight’ in Hebrew. Elizabeth – a popular baby girl name that means “God is my oath.’ Eva – a biblical name that means ‘living” in Hebrew.

Why are there so many Spanish names in the Philippines?

Many names that are somewhat common in the Philippines are Spanish because the Philippine Islands were colonized by Spain for more than 300 years. During that time, Spanish rulers insisted on Catholic or Spanish-sounding names both as first and last names.

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