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What are the different types of traction?

What are the different types of traction?

What Are the Different Types of Traction? The two main types of traction are skeletal traction and skin traction. The type of traction used will depend on the location and the nature of the problem.

What is physiotherapy traction?

Traction therapy, or spinal decompression therapy, is a nonsurgical treatment that uses manual or mechanical means to stretch the spine and relieve pain among affected discs. This treatment repositions herniated or bulging discs, decreasing pressure on the back.

What are types of spinal traction?

Types of Lumbar Traction

  • Continuous Traction – Continuous or bed traction uses low weights for extended periods of time (up to several hours at a time).
  • Sustained Traction – This type of traction involves heavier weights applied steadily for short periods of time (for periods from a few minutes up to 1 hr).

What are traction techniques?

Traction is a technique for realigning a broken bone or dislocated part of the body using weights, pulleys, and ropes to gently apply pressure and pull the bone or injured body part back into position.

Is Spinal traction painful?

Spinal traction can sometimes cause pain that is worse than the original condition. Those with osteoporosis and certain types of cancer should not use traction therapy. Spinal traction is known to cause muscle spasms.

Is spinal traction painful?

How do you prevent loss of traction?

How to Prevent Loss of Traction

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What is the use of traction in physiotherapy?

~Traction is the act of drawing or pulling and relates to forces applied to the body to stretch a given part or to separate 2 or more parts.Currently, traction is used effectively in treatment of fractures. relieving pain in, or originating from, those areas.

How are the different types of traction different?

What Are the Different Types of Traction? 1 Skeletal Traction. Skeletal traction involves placing a pin, wire, or screw in the fractured bone. 2 Skin Traction. Skin traction is far less invasive than skeletal traction. 3 Cervical Traction. During cervical traction, a metal brace is placed around your neck.

How often should I go to the traction clinic?

In the lumbar spine, treatment generally is recommended in the 8-40 minute range per session, daily for the first week and then every other day (ie, 3 times per week) for a total of 3-4 weeks. In cervical and lumbar traction, goals of treatment determine the time course, as well as the end point of treatment.

What do you need to know about skeletal traction?

Skeletal traction involves placing a pin, wire, or screw in the fractured bone. After one of these devices has been inserted, weights are attached to it so the bone can be pulled into the correct position.

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