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Who was the last surviving Tommy?

Who was the last surviving Tommy?

Patch was also the last surviving Tommy, since the death on 4 April 2009 of Netherwood Hughes, who was still in training when the war ended. The last-but-one fighting Tommy, Harold Lawton, died on 24 December 2005. Claude Choules, the last remaining First World War naval veteran, died on 5 May 2011.

Is Harry Patch still alive?

Deceased (1898–2009)
Harry Patch/Living or Deceased

What medals did Harry Patch get?

Mr Patch, who died last month in Somerset aged 111, fought in the trenches at Ypres from June to September 1917 before being wounded by a German Shell. Among the eight medals Mr Patch was awarded are the British War Medal, the Allied Victory Medal and two French Legion d’Honneur awards.

Who is the oldest ww1 soldier?

The oldest soldier to enlist in WWI is quartermaster sergeant Robert Frederick Robertson (UK, b. 12 September 1842), who was 71 years of age when he enlisted in late 1914.

Are all World War 2 veterans dead?

Of the 16 million Americans who served during World War II, 405,399 Americans died. There are only 325,574 World War II Veterans still alive today.

Where is Harry Patch buried?

August 6, 2009
Harry Patch/Date of burial

How old was Harry Patch when he joined the army?

Harry Patch was born on 17 June 1898 in Combe Down, near Bath in Somerset. He left school at 15 to learn his trade as a plumber. He turned 18 just as conscription was brought in and, after six months’ training, he was on the frontline with the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry.

How old is Harry Patch?

111 years (1898–2009)
Harry Patch/Age at death

Patch died on the July 25 2009, aged 111 years, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day, His death meant that there was no longer any surviving British soldiers who had fought in the trenches of the First World War – that experience had passed from living memory.

What did Harry Patch think of the war?

He revisited the Ypres battlefield and British and German war cemeteries, placing a wreath on a German grave. Patch fervently believed war was “organised murder”. “It was not worth it,” he said. “It was not worth one, let alone all the millions.”

Who was the last fighting Tommy in World War 1?

Harry Patch. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Henry John Patch (17 June 1898 – 25 July 2009), dubbed in his later years “the Last Fighting Tommy”, was an English supercentenarian, briefly the oldest man in Europe and the last surviving combat soldier of the First World War from any country.

What did Harry Patch do late in life?

Late in life Harry achieved fame, meeting the Queen and taking part in the BBC documentary The Last Tommies, finally shaking hands with a German veteran of the artillery and speaking out frankly to Prime Minister Tony Blair about the soldiers shot for cowardice in the First World War.

How old was Harry Patch when he moved to Fletcher House?

At the age of 100, Patch moved to Fletcher House Nursing Home, where he found a companion in widow Doris Whitaker (1914–2007). Patch became estranged from his son Gorden, known as Roy, following Denis’s death and they did not speak for the last twenty years of Roy’s life.

When did Radiohead release the song Harry Patch?

On 5 August 2009, the band Radiohead released the song “Harry Patch (In Memory Of)” and lead singer Thom Yorke explained that the song was inspired by “a very emotional interview with him” in 2005, on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4.

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