How do you get the hatchet in GTA V?

How do you get the hatchet in GTA V?

The Stone Hatchet can be unlocked by completing five Bounty Target missions that begin once the player receives a text from Maude Eccles followed by an email.

How do you get 250k with hatchet stone?

You’ll be given a map marker that takes you to a house where there’s a chest containing the stone hatchet. From here, you just have to bag 25 kills with the hatchet to have $250,000 deposited into your bank account. It’s very easy. Don’t bother trying to murder other human player characters with it.

What does the Stone Hatchet do in GTA V?

The hatchet comes with a rampage ability that reduces incoming damage and increases health regeneration. Chaining kills keeps the rampage up for longer. The stone hatchet joins the double action revolver as the second cross-title weapon being introduced into GTA Online in preparation for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Where is the Stone Hatchet in GTA 5?

You need to complete 5 total bounty targets for Maude. Once you have completed the 5 bounties Maude will contact you with the location of a chest. Head to the box, open it and you get the Stone Hatchet.

Can you still get the Navy revolver in GTA 5?

The Navy Revolver is a relatively recent addition to GTA Online. It is a very powerful gun dealing 102 damage per hit. This weapon, however, cannot be bought and can only be obtained after completing the serial killer hunt, where the player has to discover 5 clues.

How many kills do you need with the stone hatchet in GTA?

25 kills
Once you have the Stone Hatchet, you’ll need to get 25 kills while using it. Once 25 enemies have been butchered, you’ll unlock a GTA $250,000 reward and the Stone Hatchet will become available as an exclusive weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2.

How many kills do you need with the stone hatchet?

What does the GTA treasure hunt give you?

Long ago, Rockstar decided to treat their fans with a new exclusive item from Red Dead Redemption 2, which is rewarded after you find all the necessary clues in the Treasure Hunt event in GTA Online. The reward is a gold-plated double action Revolver.

Is the treasure hunt in GTA 5 worth it?

Treasure hunts are one of the most lucrative and fun ways to earn the big bucks in GTA Online. This GTA Online mission is worth $250,000. To take the game – or rather the money – to the next level, the player can take part in another treasure hunt prompted by a certain Maude.

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