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Who is Anju Mahendru husband?

Who is Anju Mahendru husband?

Anju Mahendru
Anju Mahendroo at Mushtaq Sheikh’s birthday bash in 2012
Born 11 January 1946 Bombay, Bombay Presidency, British India (present-day Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
Years active 1966-present
Partner(s) Imtiaz Ali (1971-1979) Garfield Sobers (1971) Rajesh Khanna (1966-1972)

Is Anju Mahendru married?

Imtiaz Ali
Anju Mahendru/Partner

How old is Anju Mahendru?

75 years (January 11, 1946)
Anju Mahendru/Age

What is Anju Mahendru doing now?

Mahendru was discovered by poet and lyricist Kaifi Azmi and was a popular starlet during the sixties and seventies. She never made it as a leading lady and moved to character roles. She is currently in a TV serial Hamari Betiyoon Ka Vivaah on Zee TV, playing mother of Rajdeep Monthra.

Why did Dimple and Rajesh separated?

After marriage, Dimple left the industry on behest of Rajesh, but it did not bother her much because for her family came first. I got married while I was just sixteen. I do not have any regrets for having left the stardom for the sake of my family life. I feel that was my best period.

Who is Dimple Kapadia husband?

Rajesh Khannam. 1973–2012
Dimple Kapadia/Husband

How old was Anju Mahendru when he proposed to Khanna?

Khanna’s mother wanted Khanna to get married soon, because he is 27 years old and became very popular in 1969, but when Khanna proposed Anju in 1971 she said she wanted to postpone her marriage as she wanted to make a career as an actress. Khanna continued to love Mahendru and continued to ask him to marry him.

When did Anju Mahendru break up with Gary Sobers?

Mahendru’s mother loved Khanna and Khanna also offered them a bungalow. But there were reports of his dating Gary Sobers in 1971 and Khanna was fed up with his non-engagement at the wedding, which resulted in Khanna breaking up with Mahendru in 1972. Mahendru began modeling at the age of 13.

When did Anju Mahendru break up with Imtiaz Ali?

But then there were reports of her dating Gary Sobers in 1971 and later Imtiaz Ali from 1972 and Khanna had become fed up with her non-commitment to marriage, which resulted in Khanna breaking up with Mahendru in 1972. It was then that Khanna married Dimple Kapadia in March 1973, eight months before the film Bobby released.

Who is Neelam from Kohi Apna Sa married to?

Anju Mahendru is an Indian actress.She is best known as Neelam at Kohi Apna Sa and Kamini Gupta at Kasautii Zindagii Kay.Mahendru has a long-standing relationship with the actor Rajesh Khanna from 1966 to 1972.

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