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What is the smallest Worcester Bosch combi boiler?

What is the smallest Worcester Bosch combi boiler?

Greenstar Si Compact
Greenstar Si Compact overview Our Greenstar Si Compact combi boiler is suitable for small to medium sized homes with one bathroom. This boiler is designed to fit within a standard kitchen cupboard and has an easy to use control that allows you to fine tune your comfort.

Are Worcester Bosch boilers reliable?

Reliability: 5/5 Known as one of the UK boiler market leaders, Worcester Bosch has an average trust rating of 4.6 on Trustpilot, with over 23,000 reviews, which is testament to their level of reliability, efficiency and aftercare.

How reliable are Worcester Bosch boilers?

Is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 34cdi a rated boiler?

Th Greenstar 34CDi has a seasonal efficiency rating of 94% efficiency rating making this an ErP A-rated boiler for heating. Plus, thanks to a flow rate of 12 litres a minute, it’s A-rated for water too.

Is the Greenstar 34cdi classic still in production?

The Greenstar 34CDi Classic has been discontinued. Designed and manufactured by Worcester Bosch, the Greenstar 34CDi Classic is a highly reliable and efficient condensing combi gas boiler. Which model replaced this boiler?

What’s the output of a Worcester Bosch Greenstar?

This particular model has an output rating of 34 kW but the range also includes 38 kW and 42 kW models for homes with 2+ bathrooms and a higher demand for heating and hot water. In addition, Greenstar CDi boilers are available in LPG as well as natural gas. What are the features of this boiler?

How many radiators does a Worcester Bosch 34cdi heat?

With a central heating output of 30kW and the ability to heat up to 20 radiators, the Worcester Bosch 34CDi will be a great asset to 3 to 4 bedroom houses with 1 or 2 bathrooms. It has a great flow rate of 12 l/min, so if you need hot water fast, it won’t let you down.

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