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Who won the SEC championship in 2002?

Who won the SEC championship in 2002?

Georgia Bulldogs
The 2002 SEC Championship Game was won by the Georgia Bulldogs 30–3 over the Arkansas Razorbacks. The game was played in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia on December 7, 2002 and was televised to a national audience on CBS.

Who won the most SEC championships?

While ten SEC members have played in the game, only six have won: Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee of the East Division, and Alabama, Auburn, and LSU of the West Division….SEC Championship Game.

SEC Football Championship Game
Played 1992–present
Last contest 2020
Current champion Alabama
Most championships Alabama (9)

What years did UGA win SEC championship?

Conference championships

Year Conference Coach
1942 SEC Wally Butts

Which SEC school has the most national championships?

Ranking SEC teams by national championships

  • TEXAS A&M.
  • ARKANSAS. Of the Razorbacks 44 titles, there are 30 in men’s track.
  • LSU. The Tigers lead the SEC with 45 national titles, including 25 in women’s track.

Who won SEC 2021?

Who are the past SEC champions?

Season Champion score
2018 Alabama 35-28
2019 LSU 37-10
2020 Alabama 52-46
2021 TBD TBD

What does SEC stand for in basketball?

Southeastern Conference (SEC), American collegiate athletic association that grew out of the Southern Conference.

When did the SEC championship game start and end?

Atlanta, Georgia (1994–present) The SEC Championship Game is an annual American football game that has determined the Southeastern Conference’s season champion since 1992. The championship game pits the SEC West Division regular season champion against the East Division regular season champion.

Who are the current champions of the SEC?

269 days ago School Year Team 2017-18 Georgia 2018-19 Alabama 2019-20 LSU 2020-21 Alabama

When did Alabama become the SEC baseball champion?

673 days ago School Year Regular-Season Champion 1932-33 Georgia 1933-34 Alabama 1934-35 Alabama 1935-36 Alabama

When was the last time Auburn won the SEC Championship?

Auburn and Missouri met in the 2013 SEC Championship Game (in Missouri’s 2nd year in the SEC). Auburn won the game 59–42, breaking the previous record of 56 points for most points scored by a single team in the SEC Championship Game (previously set by Auburn in 2010).

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