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Is Naturtint hair dye good?

Is Naturtint hair dye good?

I love Naturtint, it’s the best permanent hair color that I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried them all. The color stays true, does not fade or turn brassy. Other hair colors I’ve used turn brassy after a few weeks, this does not, I’ve finally found a great permanent dye! It has lots of nice tones too, it’s not a flat color.

Does Naturtint cover GREY?

Will Naturtint Permanent Hair Colours and the Root Retouch Cremes really cover grey? Yes! Naturtint Permanent and Root Retouch Creme Hair Colours offer complete grey coverage from the very first application.

Who owns Naturtint hair?

For more than 20 years Naturtint has been at the forefront of reducing the amount of chemicals in hair color. The innovation of Naturtint’s manufacturer, Phergal Laboratories in Madrid, Spain led to a permanent ammonia free hair color in 1994.

Can Naturtint lighten hair?

Pro-Tip: It’s easy to color your hair as dark as you want. However, if you’re wanting to drastically lighten your hair, remember Naturtint permanent hair color can only lighten by one or two shades per treatment. Lightening more than two shades at a time can often create unwanted brassy tones.

How long does Naturtint dye last?

How long will the color last? Naturtint permanent hair color lasts depending on your hair’s condition and how you care for it. Typically, you will see normal fading after 3–4 weeks. If you used a red color, it might fade sooner than other colors.

Is Naturtint really natural?

“Naturtint is not 100 percent natural but is a great alternative to conventional hair color brands,” she said. After certification, the product can be labeled with one of four categories: 100 percent organic, organic, made with organic ingredients and less than 70 percent organic.

Does Naturtint have chemicals?

Naturtint permanent hair color is 92% naturally-derived which means there are still some chemicals in the formula. Like other permanent dyes, it contains ingredients that could cause allergic reactions for certain individuals.

Is Naturtint all natural?

Is Naturtint permanent?

Since Naturtint is a permanent coloring product, make sure your application area can be easily covered and cleaned.

How do I dye my hair with Naturtint?


  1. STEP 1: PREPARE & MIX UP YOUR COLOUR. Ensure your hair is dry and clean, as a build-up of styling products can affect your colour result.

What is the best semi permanent hair dye?

10 Best Semi Permanent Hair Colors Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color. Let’s start off with the best of the best, why don’t we? L’Oréal Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color. Looking for a hair color that offers short term commitment, but still looks totally funky? Ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent Brights Hair Color. Iroiro Premium Natural Semi-Permanent Hair Color.

Is naturtint vegan?

Naturtint is a company that specializes in hair care and hair dyes. Because products are sold in a popular British health store and are labelled as vegan, we can assume that the company is cruelty-free.

What are the ingredients in naturtint?

Naturtint is a brand of natural, permanent hair dye made from such ingredients as corn, soy and wheat.

How do you mix hair dye?

Put on gloves and mix the two different colors of hair dye according to the package directions. Open each of the mixing bottles included with the dye packages and pour the dye base for each color into its own bottle. Add the color activator to each bottle and place the lids on the bottles, shaking each one gently to combine.

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