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What are archers biggest fears?

What are archers biggest fears?

Archer reveals to Lana his three biggest fears: Alligators, Crocodiles, and Brain Aneurysms.

What is Archer phobia?

Target panic is a psychological—and perhaps neurological—condition experienced by many archers, both competitive and recreational.

Who gave Archer the alligator?

Archer clutching his gift As revealed in the episode Once Bitten, Archer received a stuffed alligator on his sixth birthday. These memories are triggered by a ‘spirit journey’ led by James Mason discovering much about Archer’s psyche and why he is the way he is.

Did Lana and Archer break up?

Lana ended a long term relationship with Sterling Archer, mostly due to him cheating on her with other women. His very demanding relationship with his mother did not help either. After a long period of time, Archer confesses to Lana he loves her, which Lana acknowledges, but does not return.

Who is archers real dad?

In the original “Duchess” pitch, included in The Art of Archer book, Nikolai Jakov was written as confirmed as Archer’s father.

What happened to Lana and archers baby?

Though it was all an act, in “Sitting”, Lana does unintentionally put her daughter in harm’s way by hiring an actor who did use a real gun to test Archer’s abilities as a father and protector of A.J. Though he succeeded in protecting her, he becomes angry over the fact that he got shot.

What kind of fears does Sterling Archer have?

Archer might seem like he is fearless in the face of death, but he reveals his top four fears. Aside from his mother, Archer is afraid of crocodiles, alligators, aneurysms, and the Bermuda Triangle. As he puts it, those are his biggest fears in that order. RELATED: Archer: 10 Best Comic Book References Of The Series

What kind of characters does Archer like the most?

Archer is a huge comics nerd. He makes casual references to different characters through the series, mostly Marvel characters, and of these, he seems to namedrop X-Men characters the most. Wolverine and Nightcrawler seem to be two of his favorite superheroes.

What kind of animals does Sterling Archer like?

Some animals are apparently more welcome than others, as far as Sterling is concerned. As stated before, he really does not like dogs (though there is one major exception to that rule). But there are two animals he really hates. In fact, alligators and crocodiles are two of his three worst fears.

What are Sterling K sterling’s three worst fears?

In fact, alligators and crocodiles are two of his three worst fears. They can strike almost anywhere, no matter how far removed from their native habitat. As for his third greatest fear…

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