What is ASTM A532?

What is ASTM A532?

The ASTM A532 specification refers to a group of high chrome white cast irons that have been engineered to offer high abrasion resistance to gouging. These alloys are particularly effective in industries such as the Oil Sands, mining, recycling and hydraulic fracturing.

What is Ni-Hard material?

Ni-Hard is the generic name for a family of white cast irons alloyed with nickel and chromium to give high hardness and outstanding resistance to abrasion.

What is high chrome material?

High carbon high chrome steels are heat treatable as a consequence of the higher carbon content, and are known as martensitic stainless steels (e.g. 410, 416). They exhibit good strength and oxidation resistance up to 750°C, although their creep strength above 600°C is poor.

What is white iron?

1 : iron in thin sheets coated with tin : tinplate. 2 : a hard silvery-white pig iron or cast iron having its carbon content almost entirely in combined form.

Can you weld NI hard?

Martensitic cast iron (Ni-Hard types) and the various white irons are generally considered too crack-sensitive or brittle to be welded satisfactorily.

Is cast iron abrasion resistant?

High chromium cast irons are widely used as abrasion resistant materials. Their properties and wear resistance depend on carbides and on the nature of the matrix supporting these carbides.

Can you weld Ni-Hard?

Where is Ni-Hard iron used?

Ni-Hard castings are typically used in power generation, brick, asphalt, cement, concrete, rock, sand and gravel industries. Typical castings are mill or mixer liners, mixer tips and slurry pumps.

Is high chrome magnetic?

52100 is a low alloy steel containing high levels of carbon and chromium, that is hardened and generally used as bearings. Note: Chrome Steel Balls are not magnets. They are however attracted to magnets.

What is the difference between GREY and white cast iron?

Like gray cast iron, white cast iron features many small fractures. The difference is that white cast iron features cementite below its surface, whereas gray cast iron features graphite below its surface. The graphite creates the appearance of a gray color, while the cementite creates the appearance of a white color.

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