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How many breweries are there in Portland Maine?

How many breweries are there in Portland Maine?

But looking at the licensed brewery list supplied by the Maine Brewers’ Guild, there are currently 16 distinct licensed breweries in Portland. You can currently visit 14 of them (10 of them on our various tours).

How many breweries are in Portland Maine 2020?

As of early 2020, Maine is home to 155 active, licensed breweries, representing over 100 unique brands.

How many microbreweries are in Maine?

As of 2021, Maine has one brewery for every 8,654 people. That’s 156 active breweries in total as of this year for 1,350,141 Mainers, according to the Maine Brewers Guild and the U.S. Census Bureau.

What breweries are in Portland?

  • 16 Breweries in Portland for Crisp, Cold Beer. Find the must-visit brewery taprooms in Portland offering takeout growlers and beer delivery.
  • Occidental Brewing Company. Copy Link.
  • Breakside Brewery. Copy Link.
  • Level Beer. Copy Link.
  • Upright Brewing. Copy Link.
  • Culmination Brewing. Copy Link.
  • Von Ebert Brewing Pearl.
  • Wayfinder Beer.

What beer is Maine known for?


1 Maine Beer Dinner Maine Beer Company
2 Bissell Brothers Swish Bissell Brothers Brewing Company
3 Maine Beer Lunch Maine Beer Company
4 Maine Beer Another One Maine Beer Company

What beer is made in Maine?

5 Maine Beers That Might Surprise You

  • Mount Desert Island Ginger. Atlantic Brewing Company. Not a ginger ale — an ale brewed with ginger.
  • Pemaquid Oyster Stout. Marshall Wharf Brewing Co.
  • Summer Swelter. Baxter Brewing Co.
  • Tortuga Wild Summer Pineapple. Hidden Cove Brewing.
  • Hazelnut Coffee Elwood Brown. Orono Brewing Company.

What beer is Portland known for?

What beer is Portland known for? The mighty, hoppy IPA has long been a Portland staple. You’ll also find an abundance of dark, rich beers — like porters and stouts, often of the “imperial” variety — in the Pacific Northwest. Sour beer has become another local favorite in recent years.

What is the most popular beer in Maine?

Where are all the brewpubs in Southeast Portland?

Below is a map of all the Southeast Portland brewpubs we have listed on our Pubs page. Click a tag to see the name and a link to the post for each pub. Or go to the main Map page for a view of everything in our list. Loading…

Must be something about the name Portland that coincides with great beer! The Portland Maine brewery scene boasts the most breweries per capita in the United States. With roughly 70,000 in population and nearly 20 breweries, that’s a lot of beer per person!

Where to get the best beer in Portland Oregon?

Rising Tide Brewing Company A nice local brewery in Portland, this one has a good selection of beers and an exceptional seating area. 4. Bissell Brothers Bissell Brothers is an essential stop for beer lovers visiting Portland. 5. Foundation Brewing Company Stopped in here on a Saturday night to grab a beer with some girlfriends and it was awesome!

What to do in downtown Portland, Maine?

Visit Portland Portland Regional Chamber Cruise Portland Live + Work in Maine Contact GET A GUIDEBOOK Search Search for: Home Merry Madness Passport Mission 3/65 Light Up Your Holidays General Explore Downtown Getting Around Portland Parking Biking Transportation Public Restrooms Neighborhoods Business Dining Lodging Trips + Tours Shopping

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