Is Stash Tea good quality?

Is Stash Tea good quality?

This is high quality green tea, and reminds me of the loose-leaf tea I drank regularly while living in Asia. I notice some reviewers saying that it’s weak, and that they have to steep it for a long time. I think these reviewers might be used to low-quality green teas that have overwhelming initial steeps.

Who bought Stash Tea?

Yamamotoyama Tea Company
In 1993, Stash was acquired by Yamamotoyama Tea Company.

Is Stash Tea FDA approved?

All Stash Tea ingredients comply with the FDA’s definition of “natural”. We do not use any artificial ingredients.

Where does Stash Tea get their tea from?

Typically, herbal infusions are simply the combination of boiling water and anything from dried fruits, flowers, herbs, mint, spices, roots, berries and seeds. Stash Tea obtains our collection of herbs and spices from the finest suppliers around the world, from local Pacific Northwest mint to Moroccan rosebuds.

Which Stash Tea is the best?

Best Teas from Stash Tea Company

  • Double Bergamot Earl Grey (loose leaf) Stash Tea Company.
  • Black Needle Yunnan Stash Tea Company.
  • Zhen Qu Tea Stash Tea Company.
  • Dragonwell Special Grade Stash Tea Company.
  • Smoked Assam Oolong Stash Tea Company.
  • Golden Monkey Stash Tea Company.
  • Dragonfruit Black Tea Stash Tea Company.

Which tea brand is the healthiest?

The 12 Healthiest Teas on Grocery Store Shelves

  • Twinings of London Pure Oolong Tea Bags.
  • Honest Tea Ginger Oasis Herbal Tea.
  • Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile with Lavender Herbal Tea.
  • The Republic of Tea Natural Hibiscus Superflower Tea.
  • Pantenger Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea.

Does Stash Tea contain plastic?

Our tea bags are made from 100% wood cellulose fibers, which is essentially paper. The process we use to make them appear white is by forcing air between the fibers. All in all, we expect our tea to have the best flavor in the cup because, like you, we care that tea is bold and flavorful, not bold and full of plastic.

Is Stash Tea toxic?

The teas that Stash Tea produces are 100% safe to consume. We procure our teas and herbs from the highest quality sources around the world.

Is Stash Tea safe?

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