Which of the following is an example of a union unfair labor practice?

Which of the following is an example of a union unfair labor practice?

Union ULPs Examples include: Refusing to process a grievance because an employee is not a union member. Threatening an employee for filing a ULP charge. Refusing to negotiate in good faith with an agency.

Which type of visa allows companies to make intracompany transfers of employees working in other countries and will be on temporary assignment?

The L-1 visa is available to intracompany transferees who have been employed at the foreign entity for at least one year in the three years prior to the application and are coming to the United States to work at an affiliated company in an executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge capacity.

Which of the following would not be an exempt employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act?

FLSA-covered, non-management employees in production, maintenance, construction and similar occupations such as carpenters, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, iron workers, craftsmen, operating engineers, longshoremen, construction workers and laborers are entitled to minimum wage and overtime premium pay under the …

Which firms are covered under FLSA?

All employees of certain enterprises having workers engaged in interstate commerce, producing goods for interstate commerce, or handling, selling, or otherwise working on goods or materials that have been moved in or produced for such commerce by any person, are covered by the FLSA.

Can unions be charged with unfair labor practices?

Taking Action. An employer, employee, or union that believes an unfair labor practice has been committed may file a charge with the NLRB. You must file a charge within six months of the incident. The NLRA can be enforced only through the NLRB, not through private lawsuits.

What can I do if I feel I’m being treated unfairly at work?

If you are being treated unfairly in the workplace, there are a number of steps you can take in order to protect your rights:

  1. Document The Unfair Treatment.
  2. Report The Unfair Treatment.
  3. Stay Away From Social Media.
  4. Take Care Of Yourself.
  5. Contact An Experienced Lawyer.

What is an ICT posted employee?

ICT seconded employee (“Salarié détaché ICT”) An employment contract with the home company sending them to work as a senior manager or expert in France. That their home company and the host company belong to the same group.

Who conducts the certification election?

An issue before Congress is whether to change the procedures under which a union is certified as the bargaining representative of a union chosen by a majority of workers. Under current law, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) conducts a secret ballot election when a petition is filed requesting one.

What is the most important standard for determining pay?

What is a market rate? Pay what most employers pay for same job, the most important standard for determining pay. What do compensation policies do? Provides general guidelines for making compensation decisions.

Who is not covered by the FLSA?

Employees at businesses that have an annual revenue of less than $500,000 and who do not engage in interstate commerce[i] Railroad workers (covered instead by the Railway Labor Act) Truck drivers (covered instead by the Motor Carriers Act) Independent contractors and freelance workers (they’re not employees)[ii]

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